Data Recovery

Data Recovery

How many times did you encounter a problem with your computer, and didn’t know what to do? Most of the time, your computers stores sensitive data you need immediately. That’s why keeping a backup of your important information is always recommended. But, even if you haven’t backed up and you’re located in Edinburgh, don’t worry, as Escape Computers is here to help you.

Escape Computers offer emergency and standard data recovery services from failed hard drives and servers.

We are the right solution for both business and home users that encounter a computer malfunction and want someone that is both reliable and fast to access their files and save them on another, fully functioning drive.

Our shop is dedicated to helping everyone with computer problems, as we know from experience they can be quite frustrating. We can perform various recovery types for laptops, Macs, PCs as well as external hard drives.

There are multiple hard drive failure symptoms that you need to be aware of, before sending your computers to us, and these can range from:
Drives that make clicking, ticking or unusual noises
Dropped or physically damaged devices
Drives with electronic faults
Virus attacks
Error messages on start-up
Deleted files, formatted drives or operating system reinstalls
Boot-up gives up
BIOS cannot see your hard disk properly
Blue Screen Of Death

If you encounter such problems, you should take your computer and come to our store, where we will find a way to repair it and make it like new.

With more than 8 years of experience as a computer repair shop in Edinburgh, we thrive to deliver the best customer support, based on our knowledge. Although there are lots of computer repair shops located all over the country or in the city, we have a large, established customer base that come back to our shop each time they want to create a custom computer or repair their broken PC/Mac/Laptop.

If you believe that there’s something strange happening with your laptop, or if it’s making strange noises, do come to our shop where a team of experienced and fully qualified experts will help you in creating a diagnostic and finding a solution for the problem. Both fast and with durable outcome, the services we provide are some of the best in the country, and we always want to have a happy customer. So give us a call, or visit us, and we’ll be happy to help you.